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Dec, 2019

The deadline to register for spring baseball is 12/31!

We made changes to the instructional division (4-8 year olds), below are descriptions of each division.
Tee Ball - This division will be for kids aged 4-5 and will meet once a week. Teams will meet on Saturday mornings for approximately 90 minutes. Sessions will start with a practice then transition into a game.The focus will be on the kids having fun and teaching them basic fundamentals. Batters will hit primarily off a tee to work on hand/eye coordination and how to properly swing a bat. As in previous seasons, no outs will be recorded during the games and every kid will bat each inning. Tee ball is ideal for all 4 year olds, 5 year olds who haven't played before and 5 year old who feel they'd benefit from another season of tee ball.
Full Coach Pitch - This division is for kids aged 5-7. The games will function similar to Hybrid games except the coach will pitch full-time. Kids can strike out, get called out on the bases and half innings are 3 outs. The focus will be to continue teaching kids basic fundamentals while giving them an opportunity to make plays in the field and bat against a coach pitcher. This division is ideal for more advanced 5 year olds, 6 year olds and 7 year olds who would benefit developmentally from a season of full coach pitch.
Hybrid - This division is for kids ages 7-8 and will function similar to how Hybrid has the last three seasons. This division is to help prepare kids for Minors and beyond by introducing kid pitching. It is for all 8 year olds and 7 year olds who are ready to face live kid pitching. In Hybrid, kids will start pitching every at-bat. If the batter is 'walked' the coach will come and pitch to the batter. Players will need to attend an assessment session in February. It is possible some kids will be asked to play in the Coach Pitch Division after attending assessments. I envision some Coach Pitch players having the opportunity to play in a Hybrid game if a Hybrid team is short a player for a particular game.

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